ICS CyberVision

Why Sentryo?

Universal OT Language to Quickly See What’s Going on

ICS CyberVision uses a unique OT language to automatically tag each asset and network activity, so you immediately see device functions, system brands, protocols used, OT or IT behaviors and network details. No need to be a protocol expert: Anyone can understand Sentryo Tags and they are the same for all vendor references.


IEC62443 Zones & Conduits Made Easy

Migrating your industrial network towards an architecture compliant with IEC62443 zones and conduits is key for an efficient detection strategy. ICS CyberVision gives you an accurate view on your assets, network connections or remote accesses so you can build a physical architecture that is secure by design and that can be effectively monitored. It lets you group assets and define their “industrial impact” so you can prioritize/score events according to your own industrial safety targets. It summarizes all flows between zones so you can focus on monitoring the relevant traffic.

IEC 62443

Unique Edge Computing Architecture

Sentryo ICS CyberVision leverages a 2-tier deployment architecture made of Edge Sensors for capturing & decoding network traffic and a central platform for data- analytics & anomaly detection, this Edge Computing architecture is very easy to manage (everything is done from the central platform) and greatly reduces deployment costs. There is no need to install an out-of-band network to move the entire network traffic to a central server: Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) is done at the edge. See the diagram in full size

archi Sentryo

Security Built Into Your Industrial Network Equipment

Sentryo’s Edge Sensor DPI software can be installed anywhere: In Sentryo hardware appliances, on virtual machines or in existing Cisco, Siemens or Ruggedcom equipment. Monitor OT cybersecurity from the network fabric of your existing infrastructure equipment to simplify deployment, maintenance and lower costs.

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Secure by Design

Designed to meet the security requirements of the French national cybersecurity agency (ANSSI), Sentryo Edge Sensors and the ICS CyberVision central platform run on a highly secure software and hardware architecture to eliminate the risk of being hacked and becoming the source of an attack. Sentryo Sensors can even come with a data diode to physically block all interactions with your industrial processes.


Cooperative Relationships With our Customers

Industrial cybersecurity is a new topic for many companies. Sentryo is dedicated to help companies mature their projects, design processes and train their cybersecurity experts on OT security. Not only do we built our roadmap together with our customers, we offer a very modular platform to match your exact needs at each step of your project and a Threat Intelligence service to grow your expertise on OT cybersecurity.