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OT/IT Collaboration for stronger Industrial Cybersecurity

Duration: 30 minutesCISOs and Security Managers must collaborate with the industrial world and in particular with the industrial control and automation systems teams.Through return of experience, Sentryo will review the key success factors of effective collaboration between OT and IT teams.Collaboration with the OT teams requires an organizational approach supported by advanced technological tools. Sentryo will show how Artificial Intelligence or Data Visualization can involve many people with various skill-sets in setting up cybersecurity processes within industrial control networks.Discover how Sentryo, named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Industrial IoT and OT security offers an innovative approach dedicated to addressing the issues and threats targeting the Industrial Internet and the security of industrial networks.


Why are SCADAs and ICS ideal targets for cybercriminals?

Duration: 30 minutesSCADAs and ICS are now an ideal target for cybercriminals. The resultant service interruptions always have far-reaching negative consequences. If these systems are so vital and sensitive, why are they currently so vulnerable? Obsolete workstations, security missing from the protocols and tools design, the internet of things in the plant…In 30 minutes, Laurent Hausermann, co-founder of Sentryo, will explain why ICS & SCADA are vulnerable to cyberattacks.


Critical OT networks monitoring: an example from the field

Duration: 30 minutesUtilities such as electricity and water production and distribution, oil and gas, and transportation systems are controlled by OT technologies and are prime targets for cyber attacks. Subject to governmental regulations (USA, EU and National), these critical industrial sites must integrate cyber security into their processes.Through this webinar and thanks to a customer feedback, learn how a gas transport and storage infrastructure operator tackles the specific challenges of securing his large and distributed industrial network and complies with the applicable regulations with the implementation of an industrial cyber security solution.


Analysis of cyberattacks against Ukraine's power grid

Duration: 30 minutesOn December 23rd 2015, the ukrainian power distribution grid was struck by a cyberattack causing several hours of power outages for hundreds of thousands of homes. A year later, on December 18th, 2016, a second cyberattack caused multiple power outages in the Ukrainian capital.With this webinar and thanks to the research carried out by the Security Labs of Sentryo, you will discover the analysis of these two cyberattacks, their scenario and their impacts. You will also discover the technical solutions that critical infrastructure operators can apply to avoid such attacks.

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