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Threat Intelligence Service


Raise your skills and stay up to date on OT cybersecurity tactics, techniques and procedures with the threat intelligence service delivered by the Sentryo Research Lab

OT cybersecurity is a new field for many IT security leaders. SOC analysts need a trusted source of information and technical details to hunt new attacks

The Sentryo Research Lab is offering a unique Threat Intelligence service to help you keep pace with cyber.criminals.The Sentryo Lab is a team of highly skilled engineers, data science researchers and PhD-level experts in the field of Cybersecurity. Not only do they run a comprehensive industry watch, they analyze the latest ICS attacks to define new software algorithms and operational best practices. Leverage their skills to your profit!

threat Intelligence Service
Tactical Intelligence

Tactical Intelligence

Stay up to date on the latest threats to OT networks and raise your skills on ICS cybersecurity

Every month, the Sentryo Research Lab shares in-depth analysis on attacks to industrial networks, industry news and ICS vulnerabilities. You are also invited to a quarterly meet-up to discuss all this information with the Sentryo Lab researchers and learn more. A great opportunity for thorough discussions, exchanging best practices and meeting your peers.

Technical Service

Technical Service

Keep your IDS and anomaly detection engines on top of the latest OT security threats

Signatures designed to feed your IDS (intrusion detection system) engine with OT-specific threats are not that common. As the Sentryo Lab analyzes OT attacks, they write new signature files and make them available in priority to our threat intelligence subscribers. The Sentryo Lab is also running an OT honeypot to learn from new attack mechanisms and build IoC (indicator of compromise) to make your threat detection engine even more accurate.

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