How to start a new year without doing a seminar? February 4th and 5th, the Sentryo team went to Chamonix for the 2019 kick-off!

All the employees, from France ,Germany, Latin America and the US, took the road to the mountains for a two day seminar. On the program: feedback on the 2018 success stories (important events, new contracts, etc.), the launch of 2019 (vision, objectives to be achieved and challenges to be met), a focus on the next stages of development in the short, medium and long-term, a group work session and a sunny morning of fun activities!

This seminar was the opportunity for the two co-founders of Sentryo, Thierry Rouquet and Laurent Hausermann, to communicate about the successes and the growth of the company, to thank the teams, to welcome the newly arrived employees but also to work on the next stages of development to continue the great adventure started in 2014 (soon 5 years!).

But don’t worry, we didn’t “just” work.  We also enjoyed Chamonix, savored local specialties (one fondue, one tartiflette and few glasses of génépi, one of the local alcohols) and participated in a multi-activity challenge in the snow and under the sun.

The entire Sentryo team is ready to meet this year’s challenges in order to offer an ever more innovative and effective cybersecurity solution!

Our mission: continue to protect industrial control networks against cyber attacks and ensure the continuity, resilience and security of our customers’ industrial operations.