You’ve probably noticed that since the end of August, a new series has begun: The Sentryo Files: Industries vs. Cyberattacks. Sentryo is dedicated to explain the iconic cyberattacks the industrial world had to face for the past years. Energy, transport, chemistry, automotive… Every industrial field has faced attacks of their production systems, networks, or even their products.

The Sentryo Files: Industries vs. Cyberattacks, a better understanding of the impacts on your ICS

Drafted with the reports of the SCADA work group of the French Information Security Club (Clusif) in 2017, the different cyberattacks are detailed one by one in “episodes”. Each episode reviews in its first part the type and the stages of the attack. The second part is dedicated to the consequences of the cyberattack but above all to the means of protection against these malicious acts. You will finally see clearly the impact that cyberattacks can have on your ICS.

Episode 1: Connected cars face hijacking risks

In 2015, two security experts took remote control of a connected car to prove the increasing connectivity makes vehicles vulnerable to cyberattacks. Vehicle manufacturers must anticipate and counter this threat.

Episode 2: Cyberattack on the BTC oil pipeline

In 2008, the Bakou-Tbilissi-Ceyhanen (BTC) oil pipeline was victim of a cyberattack that caused an explosion, a 20-days-long fire and more than a billion dollars of material and financial losses.

Episode 3: Deactivation of a water diversion supervisor

A former disgruntled employee launched a cyberattack against the Tehama Colusa Canal Authority using a malicious software. The attack created a denial of service and a $5,000 loss for the TCAA. A good reminder about external threats!

Episode 4: Cyberattack of a water current turbine

In 2015, Sabella company’s water current turbine suffered a cyberattack which led to the complete cessation of electricity production for almost 15 days.

Episode 5: A water treatment plant under attack

In 2015, hackers manage to access the industrial control system (ICS) of a water treatment plant. Despite the data theft and access to chemical dosage, nobody was harmed. Find out every detail of this attack.

Episode 6: Cyberattack on Aramco oil company

The Shamoon virus was launched in 2012 against Aramco oil company and destroyed all files on more than 30,000 workstations and 2,000 servers.

Episode 7: Cyberattack on Telvent IT network

In the 7th episode of The Sentryo Files, find out how Telvent’s IT network suffered a malware cyberattack in 2012. Sensitive files and client data were stolen.

Episode 8: The Tram Cyberattack

A Polish teenager was responsible for a tram cyberattack in Lodz in 2008 using a TV remote control. 4 trams derailed and 12 people were injured.

Episode 9: Cyberattack on a car manufacturing plant

In 2005, the Zotob worm forced 13 factories to halt all activities for 1 hour, generating 14 million dollars in losses for DaimlerChrysler. The 2 companies separated in 2007.

Episode 10: Hijacking of a connected insulin pump

In 2011, a cybersecurity expert performed a live hijacking of a connected insulin pump. This attack shows once again the vulnerabilities of the IoT.

Throughout the autumn, with The Sentryo Files: Industries vs. Cyberattacks, discover (or rediscover) the most emblematic attacks all the industries had to face. Connected objects (IoT and IIoT) of the Industry 4.0 increase the vulnerability of industries. To ensure both the security and the integrity of ICS and networks, industries need to be aware of industrial cyber security issues and protect themselves by adopting appropriate practices and tools.