The Era of Security by Obscurity is Over

For decades, the utility industry operated in an analog world. Energy and water grids were managed offline, in air-gapped and highly siloed systems. Even as other industries began to digitize, utilities held back.

This lack of interconnected infrastructure actually proved to be a benefit to the industry, at least from a security standpoint. Afterall, without a digitized system, cybercriminals had nothing to attack, and utilities mostly remained off the cyber- crime radar. It was, essentially, a policy of security by obscurity. And it worked. But that era is over.

Today, the utilities market is rapidly modernizing its infrastructure, adding more digitized equipment and connectivity across devices, plants, and systems. This evolution to “smart infrastructure” represents a positive, paradigm shift for the industry. Unfortunately, the security policies of many utilities have not evolved along with it, leaving them incredibly vulnerable.

In this whitepaper, ABIresearch explores:

  • What’s Driving The Digitization Of The Utilities Market
  • The Growing Gap Between Threats & Spending
  • The Top 6 Weakness Categories In Utility Industrial Control Systems
  • Regulations & Standards
  • 3 Key Considerations For Deploying Secure IoT Solutions

Source: ABIresearch

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How Sentryo Can Help You

Sentryo’s ICS CyberVision has been specifically designed to enable the DoE strategic objectives. It automatically builds and maintains a detailed inventory of assets used in oil & gas extraction sites, power plants, water distribution and grid networks. It gives you visibility so you know what needs to be secured, how equipment communicates with each other and the Internet, how they are configured and if security updates are required.