Unique Technology for Securing the Industrial Internet

In 2 words

The ICS CyberVision solution is a powerful, mature and reliable industrial network monitoring platform based on a combination of unique technologies developed by Sentryo’s cyber security experts.

With the development of unique algorithms, ICS CyberVision provides the visualization of the security data collected in a visual and intuitive interface and promotes collaboration between the OT and IT teams.

Sentryo’s Threat Intelligence capability provides accurate and timely information on specific threats that target ICS and industrial IoT to anticipate and detect intrusions before they have caused any serious damage. All of these innovative technologies offer unmatched visibility of industrial control systems(ICS), SCADA and IIoT networks to ensure the integrity and security of systems within the most complex industrial infrastructure.


OT & IT collaboration

  • Designed for OT staff
  • Deep integration with IT SOC (SIEM, API)
  • OT Asset Management
  • Advanced Intuitive Data Visualization
  • Rich and Contextualized events
  • Open Platform with REST APIs

Machine behavior analytics

  • Deep Packet Inspection for more than 20+ OT protocols
  • Unique technology to monitor components, M2M behaviors and process variables
  • Define reference baselines for each production cycle/period and get notified for each deviation
  • Forensics-ready database stores all events and behaviors

Versatile & Secure Platform

  • Two-Tier architecture enabling all Industrial IoT & legacy use cases: large plant/factory and/or distributed processes/grids
  • 100% Passive, 100% Non Intrusive
  • Disconnected sensor permits the analysis of air-gapped processes
  • Critical Infrastructure grade sensors (hardware data-diode, software containers)
  • Software sensors embeddable into any Industrial IoT devices
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