Innovations start-ups industrie du futur

Technological changes are inevitably turning industry upside down, like they would in any other sector. As the industry of the future is taking shape, two phenomena are appearing:

● Factories are going digital and becoming more and more connected.

● Thanks to technical and technological innovations, smart factories are gaining in perfection, thus resulting in production processes that are ultra-modern, more autonomous and more efficient.

This last point marks the path for the future of industry which lies in the hands of all the innovative start-ups that work each day towards defining the contours of Industry 4.0 with innovative products and services related to digital industry.


Pioneering start-ups innovating for industry

Start-ups bring to the industry their series of digital innovations: sensors, automation, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, for example, are integrated into the conception, exploitation and organization of a “smart factory”.  With vast areas of application, they can improve operational performance and security as well as the financial performance of projects and the management of industrial assets.

The community of innovative start-ups in this sector is brimming with ideas that are proving to be a driving force. More events are popping up, modelled on the Smart Industries trade show, to showcase these start-ups and enable participants to exhibit and exchange their expertise and innovations.  Furthermore, incubator programs like the one led by Total Group have also witnessed the emergence of start-ups. Here are three that French multinational companies have selected to showcase this year:

● The French start-up Expert Teleportation offers smart glasses that allow specialists and on-site engineers to exchange information remotely via a multimedia video collaboration. Thanks to this technology, engineers can count on specialist assistance in real time no matter how difficult their site is to reach.

● Another French start-up, DCBrain, has pushed itself into the spotlight with its new software that processes even the fastest of data flows. Sensors distributed along industrial networks collect a considerable amount of data which is then fed into the Big Data tool, via an artificial intelligence engine, to predict the occurrence of incidents on the network.

● As for the American start-up Archon, it offers automated drone technology aimed at monitoring and maintaining industrial installations. Although many industries have already turned to this type of solution by hiring the services of a pilot, the real innovation here lies in the fact that customers themselves can launch drone flights, which can be previously programmed, as they please.


Ten German companies also presented their technological solutions during a recent French-German conference on Industry 4.0. During the event, three companies stood out from the rest:

● Reliable Realtime Radio (R3) is a young company created in 2015 and based in Berlin. It is on the verge of releasing to the market a wireless real time communication system. This solution aims no more and no less than to get rid of the wires in your factories.

● Virtalis, based in Moers, provides virtual reality and advanced visualization solutions. Its software, Visionary Render, allows industry executives to visualize in advance a production process in order to predict and anticipate problems.

● Catkin is based in Dortmund and develops platforms.  Its software connects all the people involved in the manufacturing process in order to simplify communication between factories and providers. A smartphone application is also available that provides employees with information in real time.


Thanks to these innovative solutions, start-ups are building the industry of the future and injecting life into factories so they become more effective, more secure and more efficient.