Now that we are aware that needs for cybersecurity can no longer be ignored, the International Forum on Cybersecurity (FIC) has become a key event for the sector at the beginning of the year. On 24 and 25 January 2017, you will have the chance to listen to great experts from this field, to take part in demonstration workshops, to discover ever more innovative startups. Come and talk with Sentryo, at the Hexatrust Pavilion, if you want to know more about ICS CyberVision, Sentryo’s unique cybersecurity solution for industrial control systems04.

FIC 2017: a will to achieve a european harmonization of cybersecurity policies

New uses, the digital transformation, automation… Everything is done to optimize processes and to improve performances. However, security is also shaken up by all these evolutions. FIC 2017 wishes to bring light to new technologies and to new methods, and to promote the importance of adopting a common protection approach within the European Union.
With 30 workshops, 20 conferences, 3 plenary sessions, 10 FIC talks and more, the FIC counts on communication, discussion and demonstrations to initiate an approach on protection and cybersecurity at  European level. The purpose of this is to open up the debate by bringing all parties involved in cybersecurity projects together, to stimulate innovation for digital confidence, to give priority to a sensible approach…

Sentryo will present its workshop on cybersecurity at FIC 2017

For this 9th edition of the International Forum on Cybersecurity, Sentryo will be present at the heart of the Hexatrust Village (stand C5).

Come and discover our ICS CyberVision solution, attend our technical demonstrations and speak  with us about your industrial cybersecurity projects.

Laurent Hausermann, Sentryo’s COO, will conduct a workshop on the theme: ‘Experience feedback on OT Cybersecurity: how can we collaborate with the industrial function?’. If you want to attend this workshop, come and see us on Wednesday, 25 January from 11.40 am to 12h20 pm, at the Hexatrust Pavilion’s Forum area.
Come and visit us!

Sentryo’s highlights at the FIC 2017:

Hexatrust workshop: “Feedback on OT Cybersecurity: how to collaborate with the industrial work?”

  • Presented by Laurent Hausermann – Co-Founder of Sentryo
  • Wednesday 25th of January from 11h40 A.M. to 12h20.
  • Where: Theatre space of the Hexatrust pavilion / Booth C5

FIC workshop: “How to stimulate innovation and finance the start-ups development?”

  • Presented by Laurent Hausermann – Co-Founder of Sentryo
  • Wednesday 25th of January from 4 P.M. to 5 P.M.
  • Where: to be determined

Bluecyforce workshop: “ICS/SCADA security”

  • Presented by Laurent Hausermann – Co-Founder of Sentryo
  • Tuesday 24th of January from 4h15 P.M. to 4h45 P.M. / Wednesday 25th of January from 1h45 P.M. to 2h15.
  • Where: Bluecyforce space / Booth B26

Cyber Test Systems workshop: demonstration of the SCADA networks protection in a Cyber Range – Cyberdefense training centre

  • Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th of January
  • Where: Cyber Test Systems space / Booth A19


Practical information on FIC 2017:

  • 24 and 25 January 2017
  • Lille Grand Palais, 1 boulevard des Cités Unies, 59777 Lille – Euralille
  • Sentryo : Pavillon Hexatrust (stand C5)

For further information: find our summary on FIC 2016.