ICS CyberVision Edge Sensors

Capturing Meaningful ICS Information

Sentryo ICS CyberVision is entirely passive, a prerequisite to monitoring critical industrial networks. The solution relies on passive sensors that analyze the flows on the network to extract metadata characterizing the operation of the control network. By design, no data packets are sent on the industrial network by the sensors, at any stage.

Sentryo’s ICS CyberVision Edge Sensors listen to your industrial network to extract inventory, communication and process information. They uncover the smallest details of your production infrastructure to automatically give you an up-to-date view of your industrial assets, detect abnormal behaviors and control the security of your OT infrastructure.

Sentryo’s range of Edge sensors are essential components of the ICS CyberVision solution. They constantly watch information flows within your industrial network to send meaningful inventory and security information to the ICS CyberVision Center platform.

To discover the whole range of Sensors and learn more about their key features, benefits and architecture deployment, download the documentation!

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