Sentryo ICS CyberVision is entirely passive, a prerequisite to monitoring critical industrial networks. The solution relies on passive sensors that analyze the flows on the network to extract metadata characterizing the operation of the control network. By design, no data packets are sent on the industrial network by the sensors, at any stage.

Sentryo has developed SENSOR7, a sensor designed to provide an one-way packet capture capacity which is secure by design. This sensor provides a hardware enforced non-intrusive way to monitor the network, does not induce any change on the network itself and cannot be detected by intruders.

Moreover, to enforce and guarantee the passiveness of the ICS CyberVision solution in situations where SPAN mode cannot be used, SENSOR7 is a sensor designed for inline network capture.

This sensor includes two completely secure network cards, each one implementing an optical diode component, making Sensor 7 operate like a network TAP. The optical diode provides a physical proof of security.

To discover the SENSOR7 and learn more about its key features, benefits and architecture deployment, download the documentation!

Download the documentation