Why are ICS so vulnerable?

Duration : 30 minutes

SCADAs and ICS are now an ideal target for cybercriminals. The resultant service interruptions always have far-reaching negative consequences. If these systems are so vital and sensitive, why are they currently so vulnerable? Obsolete workstations, security missing from the protocols and tools design, the internet of things in the plant…

In 30 minutes, Laurent Hausermann, co-founder of Sentryo, will explain why ICS & SCADA are vulnerable to cyberattacks.

August 29th at 5PM for Europe, 11:00 AM (EDT) for North America 

Past Webinar

Analysis of cyberattacks against Ukraine’s power grid

Duration : 30 minutes

On December 23rd 2015, the ukrainian power distribution grid was struck by a cyberattack causing several hours of power outages for hundreds of thousands of homes. A year later, on December 18th, 2016, a second cyberattack caused multiple power outages in the Ukrainian capital.

With this webinar and thanks to the research carried out by the Security Labs of Sentryo, you will discover the analysis of these two cyberattacks, their scenario and their impacts. You will also discover the technical solutions that critical infrastructure operators can apply to avoid such attacks.

October 3rd at 5PM for Europe, 11:00 AM (EDT) for North America

Past Webinar

How to build and run a “Cyber Control Room” with Sentryo?

Duration : 30 minutes

Driven by digitization programs like Industry 4.0, industrial systems are more interconnected, and open every day. These evolving systems increase the attack surface for cyber attacks. In this context, one of the keys to having secure and reliable industrial networks lies in a strong collaboration between the IT and OT teams. The ICS CyberVision platform fosters this collaboration based on creating a shared awareness of systems status for IT and OT operators. With this solution, IT and OT will work together to establish a Cyber Control Room -an OT security operations center (SOC) using powerful threat intelligence, monitoring and detection capabilities.

In 30 minutes, this webinar will explain how a Cyber Control Room allows organizations to ensure the visibility, integrity and security of their industrial networks.

October 31st at 5PM for Europe, 12:00 PM (EDT) for North America

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