Sentryo introduces the 2.0 version of its ICS CyberVision solution

Villeurbanne, April 2017 – Sentryo presents the new version of its industrial cybersecurity solution ICS CyberVision, a unique cybersecurity platform for monitoring industrial systems which provides OT network visibility, tracks all events and detects risk behaviors. ICS CyberVision is 100% passive and non-intrusive.

ICS CyberVision 2.0 is the result of three years of research and development and more than a year of experience in critical environments and has benefited from improvements directly inspired by feedback from customers using the platform. Available immediately, this release brings new features such as better detection capabilities, increased collaboration and more simplified administration.

This version, through specific algorithms to learn more about the characteristics of the industrial process, improves the accuracy and the level of the detection of anomalies (monitoring variables, configurable events, etc.).

By working on ergonomics and visualization, the use of the ICS CyberVision platform has been simplified for intuitive and quick handling by operations, maintenance and engineering staff. Its visual interface provides better visibility of industrial systems and promotes collaboration between OT and IT teams.

In addition, new functionalities have been developed to improve the deployment of the solution on a large scale in complex environments, to facilitate the centralized management of the sensors and to optimize the management of access rights and user roles in the platform (personalization, privilege levels.). Finally, this new version includes numerous performance and usability patches as well as support for new protocols and behaviors.

This new version of ICS CyberVIsion, presented as a preview at the FIC 2017, has received a very positive response from manufacturers wishing to protect their infrastructures and production equipment.