January 18, 2018 – On the occasion of the 2018 International Cybersecurity Forum, Sentryo, a pioneer of industrial Internet cybersecurity, and Assystem, European leader in engineering and a reference partner of the world’s leading industrial groups, announced the signing of a non-exclusive partnership around the ICS CyberVision offer.

This partnership aims to respond to the new challenges of cybersecurity for the industrial world. This alliance will enable the teams of the Assystem Connect entity to offer their industrial customers a service offering based on the integration and deployment of the ICS CyberVision cybersecurity solution.

With its unique monitoring technology, ICS CyberVision provides complete visibility of industrial networks (inventory and mapping) and advanced anomaly detection capabilities to ensure service continuity of industrial systems, improve their integrity and fight against cyber incidents.

This joint offer will increase the level of security of industrial infrastructures targeted by increasingly numerous and sophisticated cyber attacks, the consequences of which can be significant as demonstrated by recent cyber attacks such as Wannacry. As a major issue, under the Military Programming Law, the protection of industrial systems against cyberattacks represents an opportunity for strategic development for both companies.

To formalize this partnership, a joint announcement was made Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at the International Forum of Cybersecurity of Lille in the presence of Sylvie Houlière, Vice President of Assystem Connect, and Thierry Rouquet, President of Sentryo.

For Sylvie Houlière, Vice President of Assystem Connect: “The constraints related to cyber risk are a market reality to which we must respond with the best level of service. The ICS CyberVision solution will enable Assystem Connect to offer an innovative and high-performance industrial systems security solution, particularly in specific areas such as energy. “

For Thierry Rouquet, President of Sentryo, “This alliance with one of the world’s leading engineering companies and a privileged interlocutor of our major customers is a great development opportunity. Sentryo will benefit from Assystem’s expertise and network that will work with customers with a strong complementary value of service. “