ICS CyberVision

Mobile Kit: Assessments on Wheels

On-Site Assessments

Take ICS CyberVision with you to easily run comprehensive audits of your remote sites

Whether you are assessing the risk posture of a critical site or are running an audit of an ICS network during an emergency, Sentryo’s ICS CyberVision Mobile Kit has everything you need to go on-site and build a detailed asset inventory and start detecting threats.

Designed for service providers, auditors and critical infrastructure network managers, Sentryo’s Mobile Kit is a pre-configured carry-on ruggedized case including a full-featured ICS CyberVision Center and two Sentryo Edge Sensors. It’s the ideal solution for assessment services and spot checks.

mobile kit
Audit Your OT Networks

Audit Your OT Networks

Automatically get in-depth visibility on your industrial network without any systems integration 

ICS CyberVision automatically uncovers the smallest details of your production infrastructure: Vendor references, firmware and hardware versions, serial numbers, PLC rack slot configuration, known vulnerabilities, etc. It identifies asset relationships, communication patterns, unwanted network flows, noisy assets and more. You now have comprehensive information to patch vulnerable assets, fine-tune configurations, segment your network and build an effective monitoring strategy.

Complete Solution in a Suitcase

Complete Solution in a Suitcase

Easily go from one site to another with everything you need to run a comprehensive OT network assessment 

The ICS CyberVision Mobile Kit is a convenient ruggedized cabin luggage that includes everything you need to audit an OT network: any choice of 2 Sentryo Edge Sensors for network captures and deep packet inspection, ICS CyberVision on a powerful laptop for analyzing data and generating reports plus all the cables, support and on-site maintenance services you would expect. You can now travel the World with ICS CyberVision to build detailed asset inventories and start detecting threats.

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