Lyon security systems

Boasting 26,300 employment positions in the security sector, the city of Lyon in France is top of the class when it comes to cybersecurity in Europe. The city’s prominent players in security have decided to come together and create the first group dedicated to tackling the security challenges of industrial and urban systems.


A group dedicated to industrial and urban cybersecurity

Springing forth from an unprecedented decision, the group is the first of its kind to be set up in Europe, thus transforming the city of Lyon into a pioneer in cybersecurity. The group is comprised of members from a wide range of focus areas:

  • Players in cybersecurity such as Thales and Atos
  • Companies specialized in industrial engineering automation such as Automatique et Industrie, Assystem, Axians, Actemium and EKIUM
  • Makers of solutions such as Sentryo
  • Large construction groups such as Alstom, Schneider, Siemens and Sorhea.


The strategic stakes and players in cybersecurity

The stakes are strategic and can be found in various areas of industrial cybersecurity: the industrial internet, smart buildings, smart grids, connected industry and the cybersecurity of transportation networks. The cybersecurity market is on the rise and is expected to grow by 5% between now and 2020.

The group has already set its objectives on bringing together relevant players in the field to raise awareness of cybersecurity threats and solutions and developing and exchanging tools, skills and best practices when it comes to security incidents. It hopes to create a genuine network in the form of a hub at a national level and then later at a European level.


Cybersecurity of industrial and urban systems is at the core of expertise in Lyon

This group was conceived based on a set of well thought-out policies. The city of Lyon has always welcomed large organizations working in security. Headquartered in Lyon are the École Nationale Supérieure de Police (France’s national police college), the offices of Interpol and the WHO (only R&D). Furthermore, Lyon 3 University and INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) offer Master’s programs in computer security, national security and international security and defense.

Lyon has around 136,200 employees working in industry which makes it a leading industrial urban hub in France. Therefore, it is quite natural that Lyon has become Europe’s pioneer in industrial and urban cybersecurity.