ICS CyberVision

Visibility Over Your Industrial Infrastructure


ICS CyberVision uses Artificial Intelligence to build a dynamic inventory of all your devices, map communication flows and identify vulnerabilities in your industrial network

Your production infrastructure has changed over the years. Do you have an up-to-date inventory of the equipment deployed? Do you know its hardware and software features? Do you know which equipment provides remote access and to whom? Do you have an idea of ​​the flows it generates on your network and what it communicates with?

ICS CyberVision automatically maps your industrial equipment and communication flows to give you a detailed inventory. You can graphically display your devices, their relationships, their vulnerabilities, and the programs they run. You now have perfect knowledge of the situation allowing you to make the right decisions and reduce your attack surface.

Deep Packet Inspection

Deep Packet Inspection

Sentryo's DPI technology listens to all the flows in your network and analyzes raw data to extract industrial process information from them

Sentryo DPI is non-intrusive: no risk for your equipment or processes. Thanks to its unique Edge Computing architecture, it can be installed anywhere: in Sentryo appliances, running in a virtual machine or in existing Cisco, Siemens or Ruggedcom equipment.


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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The Sentryo AI engine uses the data extracted by the DPI to map your industrial network

It translates the flows exchanged into a universal language that shows the impact of each message on your process, whatever the manufacturer. You will find equipment that should not be there, unnecessary network flows, or communications that should not be happening. You have control over your OT infrastructure.

Vulnerability Analysis

Vulnerability Analysis

ICS CyberVision compares the characteristics of each device to a knowledge base updated daily by Sentryo security researchers

You can immediately see the vulnerabilities of each device: software to be updated, remote access, default passwords, etc. You are guided as to what actions need to be taken. You become an active player in your security.