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The sensors developed by Sentryo analyze all your industrial protocols without risk for your processes and with a unique Edge architecture easy to deploy at lower costs

Sentryo edge sensors listen to your industrial network. They carry a unique Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) algorithm that can read IT protocols as well as the proprietary industrial protocols and extract inventory, network and process information. They uncover the smallest details of your production infrastructure to automatically give you an up-to-date view of your assets.


Lightweight and Non-Intrusive

Rather than transfer all data from your industrial network to a central analysis platform, Sentryo sensors are designed to process information as close to control systems as possible.

This Edge Computing architecture requires very little bandwidth. No need to deploy a dedicated monitoring network which greatly reduces deployment costs. Especially since Sentryo’s DPI technology runs from a Sentryo appliance, a Cisco IOx switch, a Siemens industrial PC, a Ruggedcom router or a virtual machine. Unmatched flexibility!

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Unique Edge Architecture

Unique Edge Architecture

Sentryo sensors can be installed anywhere in your infrastructure

As close as possible to the actuators. On the control network or supervisory network. Or directly in the ICS CyberVision platform. Whether you have only one manufacturing chain or many sites around the world, they adapt to all architectures in order to retrieve the right information at a lower cost.

100% Passive

100% Passive

Sentryo sensors are completely passive and undetectable

In no case can they communicate with your industrial equipment. They cannot introduce any security flaw or disrupt or interrupt your processes. Some models even have a blocking diode to prohibit any physical interaction with the production network.

Zero Configuration

Zero Configuration

Sentryo sensors are very easy to deploy

All you have to do is connect them to the network so that they start collecting information and sending it to the ICS CyberVision platform. No configuration or maintenance is needed. The ICS CyberVision platform provides centralized management of each sensor making it very easy to use.

100% Secure

100% Secure

From operating system to communication with ICS CyberVision, Sentryo sensors are fully secure

They use a hardened OS designed specifically for critical embedded applications. Processes are siloed and an encryption system prevents anyone from retrieving or modifying the data they analyze. It’s the least you can have for a security solution!

Offline Mode

Offline Mode

If you just want a site inventory or to analyze a part of your infrastructure, use the Sentryo sensor in offline mode!

Install a Sentryo sensor to capture the streams and unplug it. You will transfer the data later to the central platform for analysis using your computer. No need to configure your network or VPNs. Simple, quick and effective.

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