Your Needs

Extend Security Operations to Industrial IoT

OT / IT Collaboration

Protecting your industrial network requires the knowledge of your OT experts and the skills of your IT security specialists. ICS CyberVision gives everyone the level of information they need to work together

The specific features of industrial equipment and processes require inventory and anomaly detection technologies adapted to OT. Fighting against cyber attacks requires know-how and tools that are mastered by IT security teams.

ICS CyberVision is designed for the needs of OT teams and empowers them as the front line of defense. It integrates with your IT security solutions so your security experts can correlate critical events and automate remediation. By feeding your SIEM and CMDB with OT data or by connecting to your firewall to automate incident response, ICS CyberVision extends your SOC to include your industrial operations in your global cybersecurity strategy.


ICS CyberVision Integrates With Your IT Platforms

SOC Integration

SOC Integration

Control the security of your industrial network from your SOC

Tracing events in your SIEM for OT/IT correlation. Triggering a firewall filter rule in the event of an attack. ICS CyberVision offers a complete API to integrate with any application used in your Security Operations Center (SOC) and already works with the IT security platforms that you use.

Forensic Search

Forensic Search

Facilitate your investigations to quickly stop the spread of attacks and re-secure your network effectively

ICS CyberVision gives cybersecurity experts the power to conduct detailed analysis. The ICS CyberVision API makes it easy to query its database and identify the source of an attack. The platform can, for example, trace all events corresponding to particular Indicators of Compromise (IoC) that cyber experts have developed and imported via the API.