Label France Cybersecurity
On May 26th, Thierry Rouquet received the label “France Cybersecurity” for Sentryo’s main product ICS CyberVision.

ICS CyberVision is a hardware and software solution that provides real-time mapping and monitoring of industrial networks in order to prevent cyberattacks targeting industrial installations.

Receiving the France Cybersecurity label right before celebrating Sentryo’s second birthday as a company is a real recognition. Not only does it acknowledge the technical qualities of the product – the label is granted to a product, not to a whole business – but it also recognizes the pertinence of the product and the vision on the industrial internet market.

Coming shortly after a successful funding round of 2 million euros in early 2016, being awarded the France Cybersecurity label comforts us in our vision and in the strategy deployed since the project was launched in late 2014.
The France Cybersecurity label is part of the action identified by the “Digital Trust” program of the “New Industrial France” public initiative. Coordinated at the same time by the French government, professional associations and businesses, this label provides great visibility for French cybersecurity products on an international scale as it guarantees their reliability.

Le label remis à Sentryo
We are proud to add this label next to the other prizes and awards received by Sentryo, an opportunity to celebrate with our growing team around a friendly breakfast – before getting back to work.

Label France Cybersecurity pour Sentryo
We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the awarded products.