ICS CyberVision

Enterprise Edition: Detect & Respond

Detect & Respond

Update your asset inventory in real time, detect threats and vulnerabilities immediately and automate remediation by installing ICS CyberVision on site

To ensure continuity, resilience and safety of your industrial operations, you need a real-time OT monitoring solution

Track assets to maintain full situational awareness. Patch vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Remediate anomalies before they cause damages.

Sentryo’s ICS CyberVision Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive asset inventory, network monitoring and threat detection solution for control engineers and IT security leaders to work together in building and managing efficient OT security strategies.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment

Implement OT monitoring across your sites easily. ICS CyberVision is designed to be non-intrusive and highly scalable

Sentryo offers very flexible deployment options to match your plans: Run the ICS CyberVision software on Sentryo appliances, third party network equipment or your own virtual server platforms. Install one Sentryo Central analytic platform per workshop, per site or per region. Its unique Edge architecture saves you from deploying an out of band network. Its advanced dataviz engine let you easily restrict data access to match the needs of each user’s role or geography.

Holistic Threat Detection

Holistic Threat Detection

Identify threats, vulnerabilities and malfunctions immediately with Sentryo’s holistic risk detection engine

To detect an OT attack with certainty, ICS CyberVision offers a variety of mechanisms: signature-based intrusion detection (IDS), behavioral analysis to identify the slightest deviation from normality, protocol decoding to verify variables and instructions, tracking hardware and software versions to identify vulnerabilities, etc. You can detect the warning signs of an attack and create alarms covering all scenarios.

Extend your SOC to OT

Extend your SOC to OT

Leverage Sentryo’s comprehensive API to integrate ICS CyberVision with your SIEM, firewall, CMDB or other software tools and start managing OT cybersecurity from your SOC

ICS CyberVision integrates with your IT platforms to enable security experts to correlate critical events and automate remediation. By feeding your SIEM and your CMDB with OT data or by connecting to your firewall to automate incident response, ICS CyberVision allows your SOC to include your industrial infrastructure in a global cyber security strategy.

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