Use Case

Oil & Gas

OilTanking improves OT security with Sentryo

Oiltanking has deployed many new storage tanks with many different types of control systems installed by various contractors.

Increased awareness about the consequences of a cyber-attack led Oiltanking to realize they didn’t really know how secured their industrial systems were. They asked for a network security assessment to be done to understand their exposure to a potential cyber event.

“We operate a very large site so it is quite difficult to track every industrial asset manually. We have been very impressed by Sentryo’s ability to quickly build a map describing our infrastructure and network flows. It immediately identified vulnerabilities so we could take actions right away. Actemium and Axians did a great job helping us understand how to improve security on the long term. We now have a roadmap to work with our IT department.” HERMANN VAN LOO – Maintenance Supervisor at OilTanking

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