Use Case


An automotive manufacturer leader improves Industrial Internet cybersecurity with Sentryo

Who ? A leading automotive parts manufacturer offers development, production and services in almost every major worldwide market, supplying components, modules and systems to a global customer base. International in scope, the company oversees 70 factories in 31 countries, all of which have successfully applied innovative solutions and processes to deliver quality products to its wide customer base.

In order to maximize efficiency and quality, the company has been rapidly adopting methods for digitizing their production processes and adopting advanced manufacturing techniques and Industry 4.0 standards. The company soon discovered that, as they adopted OT technologies, there was a convergence between OT and IT thus establishing a need for a more collaborative structure between OT and IT to assure security, integrity and reduce risk.

After an extensive evaluation of several cyber security software and systems approaches, the team turned to Sentryo, not only for its expertise in cybersecurity for mission critical and industrial applications, but also for Sentryo’s deep understanding of the industrial internet and operations technology (OT).

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