The industrial sector and its players heavily rely on interconnected IT systems. We often assume that, because industrial networks are connected only to an industrial internet, vulnerabilities are few and far between…. Wrong! Industrial systems are more exposed to cyber threats than what it may seem and the consequences may be huge. Investing in a cyber protection system is the most surefire way of avoiding–and countering–cyberattacks. Are you wondering if this applies to you? Our decision tree will help you ask yourself the right questions so you can determine whether you need a cybersecurity solution.

Decision tree to help you find out if you need an industrial cybersecurity solution

This decision tree was designed to help you weigh the essential questions before deciding–or not–on an industrial cybersecurity solution. There are many myths around SCADA and industrial systems and too many industrial companies do not take the vulnerability of their systems seriously enough.

Ask yourself the right questions
Go through this decision tree from top to bottom and take the time to ask yourself the right questions before weighing your needs. And do it attentively: you may be overlooking some dimensions of cybersecurity for your industrial systems!

The advantages of an industrial cybersecurity solution

  • Monitor systems from end to end

Industries are rarely limited to a single IT system; therefore, you need to have a centralized and overall view of your systems in order to continuously monitor activity.

  • Quickly detect a cyberattack

Industrial cybersecurity solutions can detect a cyberattack and notify you from the first signs of an intrusion attempt. This responsiveness is key to effectively countering attacks as quickly as possible.

  • Asses the measures to implement

Thanks to the data collected and provided by a cybersecurity solution, you will be able to quickly understand what type of cyberattack you are facing (a brute force attack, DDoS, etc.) and what part of your system is under siege. As a result, you can then quickly implement corrective measures.

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