White paper Hexatrust Systematic

In the age of “all things digital” and Industry 4.0, cybersecurity is on its way to becoming a critical sector. In addition to providing solutions capable of confronting the new challenges that are taking shape, French companies who are pioneers in the sector must also provide increasingly more detailed information about their activities. Sentryo is actively engaged in this but, today, it’s Hexatrust who takes a stand. The association has published a new white paper titled “Cybersecurity and Digital Confidence” and it was drafted in collaboration with Systematic Paris-Région.


A white paper by Hexatrust to further the French cybersecurity industry

This overarching 80-page document, co-signed by Hexatrust and Systematic Paris-Région, offers readers a valuable vade mecum that presents a synthesis of the challenges, underlying economic data, technical areas of intervention and the various regulations in cybersecurity to provide insight into the ecosystem of the sector.

It also discusses the actions led by Hexatrust and Systematic Paris-Région in product development, research and innovation in cybersecurity. The white paper concludes with an evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the French ecosystem. Moreover, the two co-authors provide a series of 25 recommendations on how to reinforce French industry in the field of cybersecurity.

This manual calls upon the urgency to further structure the sector and urges readers to carefully consider the 25 recommendations presented at the end. Jean-Pierre Tual, president of the Digital Confidence and Security thematic group, shares this perspective and considers that this white paper can indeed “contribute to the success of French industry” in terms of cybersecurity.


To obtain a free pdf copy of this white paper, visit Systematic Paris Region’s website and fill out the form at the link below: http://www.systematic-paris-region.org/fr/actualites/un-livre-blanc-pour-developper-la-filiere-francaise-de-la-cybersecurite