Cyberattacks against Ukrainian ICS

Cyberattacks against Ukrainian ICS

On December 23rd 2015, the Ukrainian power distribution grid was struck by a cyberattack causing several hours of power outages for hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. A year later, on December 18th, 2016, a second cyberattack caused multiple power outages in the Ukrainian capital.

In this Ebook, and thanks to the research carried out by the Security Labs of Sentryo, you will see the analysis of these two cyberattacks: a full and accurate report of the facts, an explanation of the scenario and impact of the attacks …

Vytautas Butrimas, Energy Cybersecurity Expert at NATO*, signed the preface of this report and delivers its point of view on cyberattacks executed against the Ukrainian power grid and other sectors of industrial critical infrastructure.

*The views expressed by V. Butrimas are for NATO, NATO member countries, NATO partners, related private and public institutions and related individuals. These views do not represent the opinions or policies of NATO or NATO ENSEC COE or any other institution. The views presented in the articles are those of the authors alone.

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