ICS CyberVision

Cloud Edition: Assessments Made Easy

Cloud Assessment

Kick-start your ICS cybersecurity project with a quick, easy & risk-free assessment of your OT security posture

You are ready to address the security issues of your industrial network, but you don’t know where to start? You need clear visibility on your asset inventory and communication flows to understand what needs to be done and move forward.

Sentryo’s ICS CyberVision Cloud Edition is an offline assessment solution that provides control engineers and security teams with visibility and insights into their OT network. It’s also the ideal solution for security service providers and consultants to offer cost-effective assessment services by focusing on problem solving rather than the complexity of data analysis.

There is nothing to install on your network and no investment to make. Leverage the power of Sentryo’s secure and private cloud to start building what’s next.

Comprehensive Visibility

Comprehensive Visibility

Securing your OT infrastructure starts with having a precise view on your asset inventory, communication patterns and network topologies.

ICS CyberVision automatically uncovers the smallest details of your production infrastructure: Vendor references, firmware and hardware versions, serial numbers, PLC rack slot configuration, known vulnerabilities, etc. It identifies asset relationships, communication patterns, unwanted network flows, noisy assets and more. You now have comprehensive information to patch vulnerable assets, fine-tune configurations, segment your network and build an effective monitoring strategy.

Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy

Start with a light, rapid and cost-effective network assessment before launching a comprehensive cybersecurity project.

There is no hardware to buy, install and manage. The solution is up and running in a matter of minutes. Just upload PCAP (packet capture) files into a secured, private cloud platform and immediately see a detailed analysis of your assets, communication flows and vulnerabilities. Share access to the assessment portal to work with your team around the World and generate reports to start building your ICS cybersecurity project plan.

Secure Private   Cloud

Secure Private Cloud

Data from your OT network is highly sensitive. We’ve designed our Cloud Edition from the beginning with data security in mind.

The ICS CyberVision Cloud Edition is secure by designed. The solution runs in a private cloud hosted in a Tier-III certified datacenter. Only you have access to your data and every communication, storage and backup is encrypted. You define roles and privileges for each user and access is secured with two-factor authentication. Once your assessment is done, your data is deleted from our servers.

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