cyberattack sidérurgie cyberattaque thyssenkrupp

Thyssenkrupp, the German steel manufacturer, falls victim to a massive cyberattack

In a recent announcement, Thyssenkrupp, the German industrial conglomerate, publicized that it had fallen victim to a massive cyberattack throughout the course of 2016. Orchestrated by a well organized and highly professional group, the attack targeted specific project data that the industrial group had been working on. This intrusion, which seems to be linked to […]

power plant ukraine

New power outage in Ukraine due to cyber attack ?

Everyone reminds that last Christmas was a memorable one for ukrainians citizens. Dec. 23rd 2015, 200.000 people were in the dark due to a cyberattack. It looks like history may be repeating itself. How did the power outage occur in Ukraine? Last Saturday, a new power outage occurred in Ukraine. In December 2015, the power […]

Usine chimique cyberattaque

Is the chemical industry targeted by cyberattacks?

During summer 2011, a cyberattack named ‘Nitro’ caused around 50 casualties among targeted companies. Some of them are part of the defense sector and 29 of them belong to the chemical industry. These companies are spread around the world, from the United States to the United Kingdom and through Asia. The malware which was used, […]

Centrale hydroélectrique

The Lansing Board of Water & Light falls victim to a ransomware attack

A cyberattack, or more specifically a ransomware attack, paralyzed the information system of an American utility plant for an entire week. This is a first for this type of infrastructure, although identical malware had already struck a hospital in California last February. This is a modus operandi inevitably on the rise as its power to […]

Barres chocolatées et sécurité alimentaire

Food safety: the Mars chocolate recall blunder

The incident, which took place last February, attracted an array of international coverage from the press. The agri-food giant Mars had to recall millions of its products from 55 countries following the discovery of a piece of plastic in one of its world famous chocolate bars. The key facts at a glance: In January 2016, […]


The ‘Mirai’ IoT Botnet, a publically available turn-key threat

On September 20th, the well-known website KrebsonSecurity faced a targeted distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. This attack had been performed using a huge botnet of IoT devices (more than 300.000 participants) – the majority were cameras. This botnet has been called “Mirai”. On October 21st, another massive DDoS attack against the Domain Name System (DNS) company Dyn […]

Train cyberattaque

Cyber security: trains now in the firing line of hackers

The British rail network came under attack from hackers 4 times in 2015. Although the attacks are said to have been purely exploratory in nature, the consequences could have been dramatic both for the company and for the passengers. This surge in malicious acts in the space of a year can be said to be […]

The 4 most iconic industrial cyberattacks

The French Network and Information Security Agency (Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information or ANSSI) presented its 2015 Annual Review last month. The review highlighted industrial sites as being the principal target for the majority of major cyber-attacks taking place over the past year. Yet industrial players critically lack awareness on the subject […]

Security Operation Center

SOC: the key to cybersecurity for industrial networks

The number of cyberattacks against industrial networks are multiplying and all organisations are now concerned. Organizations that are finding themselves at risk are increasingly relying on SOC’s for better protection. In doing so, they are combining innate prevention measures with IT systems surveillance. Similar approaches must now go on to take precedence in the industry. […]

Hospitals facing the hyperconnectivity

Cyber-security: A life-and-death challenge for hospitals

Hospitals are experiencing a major digital transformation with the ever increasing use of connected objects to monitor vital metrics.  The use of these objects is significantly improving the level of care and is setting new standards in patient follow-up as illustrated by connected pacemakers. Unfortunately, the protection levels of the networks that these objects are […]