industries vs. cyberattacks

The Sentryo Files: Industries vs. Cyberattacks

You’ve probably noticed that since the end of August, a new series has begun: The Sentryo Files: Industries vs. Cyberattacks. Sentryo is dedicated to explain the iconic cyberattacks the industrial world had to face for the past years. Energy, transport, chemistry, automotive… Every industrial field has faced attacks of their production systems, networks, or even […]

electric central : cyberattack ukraine

Analysis of cyberattack against Ukraine’s power grid on December 23, 2015

On December 23 2015, three power distribution centers providing electricity for western Ukraine were simultaneously struck by a cyberattack causing several hours of power outages for hundreds of thousands of homes. This article aims to analyze the attack based on the IEC 62443-3-3 industrial cybersecurity standard which establishes security levels. We can estimate what the […]

iot hacking connected printers

IoT: When a high school student takes control of 150,000 connected printers

150,000! That’s the number of connected printers Stackoverflowin, a hacker claiming to be a British high school student, hacked into in early February 2017. Rather than trying to extort money or steal data, he simply wanted to make his victims aware of the recurrent security flaws in the majority of connected objects (IoT- Internet of […]

petrochemical plants attack malware

Industrial cyberattacks: malware detected in petrochemical plants in Iran

Since the Stuxnet virus attack in 2010— one of the first viruses, according to specialists, created specifically to affect real infrastructure sites (and not just online infrastructures)— contaminated around 60% of Iranian computers nationwide, the country has become aware that it represents a priority target for cyberattacks. Although measures have been implemented to strengthen cyber […]