Triton maware

Analysis of Triton industrial malware

In this article the Sentryo Security team presents you with an analysis of a malware specially designed to cripple the security of industrial systems. Read on for an in-depth look at how the Triton industrial malware works and the measures to implement to ensure protection. Triton industrial malware: operational summary The Triton malware, also called […]

denial of service on industrial installations

Cyberthreats to industrial systems: Denial-of-service on industrial installations

After discussing industrial sabotage, our series of attack scenarios on industrial systems continues. Of these attacks, a denial-of-service on an industrial installation is particularly dangerous: it can bring continuous production lines to a long-lasting standstill. Before going any further, read the article: What is an industrial system and how to protect it? What is a […]


5 best practices to protect yourself against ransomware

We might as well be frank: There is no miracle solution that can completely safeguard you from cyberattacks. However, you can take measures to prevent the risk of infection by ransomware. Being aware of the consequences an infection can have on your company and adopting safe computer practices will keep you one step ahead in […]

identity management

Access and identity management in industries: obstacles and best practices

With the number of entry points to networks increasing as a result of connected technology (cloud, IIoT, etc.), access and identity management has never been so difficult. Yet industry still remains behind the times in this area. What specific features of industrial systems can explain these shortcomings and what concrete measures can provide security solutions? […]


Ransomware in industry

Two types of ransomware, WannaCry and Petya, sowed the seeds of panic throughout networks in May and June 2017… We talked about this in depth in this magazine. Ransomware attacks have been dangerously multiplying since 2016. Although there are preventive actions you can implement to limit the risks of infection, no industry is safeguarded against […]

industrial ethernet switch

Sentryo’s Security Labs reveals the vulnerabilities of an industrial ethernet switch

The Sentryo Security Labs carried out a security analysis on a client’s MOXA EDS-G512E industrial ethernet switch, interconnected to Sentryo’s ICS CyberVision solution. For two whole days, the Security Labs put the industrial ethernet switch through a series of tests (anti-intrusion evaluations and tests) in order to evaluate its degree of resistance in the event […]

environmental risks and cybersecurity

Cybersecurity and environmental risks

Managing cybersecurity is a tall order for industrial infrastructures and even taller for industries whose activities deal with natural resources: water treatment plants, oil drilling platforms, nuclear plants, etc. All of these sites are choice targets for hackers. If they fall victim to a cyberattack, the consequences for the environment could be disastrous. To prevent […]

impact of cyberattacks on industrial systems

Industrial systems: what are the potential impacts of cyberattacks?

Various concurrent factors tend to position cybersecurity for industrial systems in the eye of the storm. Regardless of the advent of factories of the future and the full convergence of IT systems (Information technology) and OT (Operations technology), current geopolitical tensions and even the professionalization of cybercrime prompt a growing number of cyberattacks targeted at […]