IT SA 2016 salon SI

IT-SA 2016 : Sentryo will be attending a major exhibition dedicated to IT-Security

Sentryo is conquering Germany! The specialist in terms of Industrial Internet cybersecurity will be attending the IT-SA exhibition on October 18, 19 and 20. The exhibition, which is held every year in Nuremberg, has become a key event for all IT-Security professionals. A three-day IT exhibition held to remake the world of cybersecurity Now that […]

Salon IMI 2016

Sentryo will be attending the IT Meets Industry (IMI) 2016 !

Sentryo will be attending the “IT Meets Industry” (IMI) fair this year, a major Cybersecurity conference taking place on september 27 and 28 in Germany. Two days gathering high-level conferences but also a great exhibition conducted by the market leaders in automation, IT and IT security. IMI, the industrial Cybersecurity fair and its workshops Sentryo has […]

Laurent Hausermann was on the set of BFM Business to share his experience of industrial cybersecurity.

How will the Internet of Industrial Things (IIoT) will impact plant’s organisations ? What are the upcoming transformations and challenges ? Laurent Hausermann was invited to participate in the show “How to protect oneself from cyberattacks targetting industrial systems” along with Gérôme Billois and Vincent Leclerc. Tomorrow’s plant will be “smart” or “digital”, meaning that […]

Label France Cybersecurity

ICS CyberVision by Sentryo was awarded the “France Cybersecurity” label, only 18 months after its release!

On May 26th, Thierry Rouquet received the label “France Cybersecurity” for Sentryo’s main product ICS CyberVision. ICS CyberVision is a hardware and software solution that provides real-time mapping and monitoring of industrial networks in order to prevent cyberattacks targeting industrial installations. Receiving the France Cybersecurity label right before celebrating Sentryo’s second birthday as a company […]

Sentryo's fundraising

Sentryo just closed a €2M fundraising for its ICS project

Sentryo, an innovative French startup in the industrial network cybersecurity space, has successfully raised €2m to develop its international presence. The Lyon-based start-up has successfully closed a €2m funding round with ACE Management and Rhône-Alpes Création joining the investor pool. An innovative cybersecurity solution, Sentryo ICS CyberVision Cybercriminality has grown exponentially in recent years, and critical […]