Innovations start-ups industrie du futur

The start-ups bringing in Industry 4.0

Technological changes are inevitably turning industry upside down, like they would in any other sector. As the industry of the future is taking shape, two phenomena are appearing: ● Factories are going digital and becoming more and more connected. ● Thanks to technical and technological innovations, smart factories are gaining in perfection, thus resulting in […]

Interview Rémy Golang expert

Go programming language: bringing more solid and reliable solutions to cybersecurity

Rémy Mathieu, an R&D engineer at Sentryo, is specialized in Golang, a programming language created by Google and used in Sentryo to develop innovative technology for its ICS CyberVision solution. Applying this new technology and all its practical functions to cybersecurity is what makes Sentryo stand out from the crowd. Rémy is here to give […]

smart city Japon cybersécurité

Japan opts for cybersecurity transparency of its critical infrastructures

Confronted with the rising number of cyberattacks on industrial sites, more and more governments are stepping up to implement specific strategies for prevention and protection. The latest example to date is Japan providing more proof that 2016 is indeed the year to take action.   Cybersecurity must be at the heart of industry concerns. Many […]

TV Show Mr Robot analysis

Mr. Robot: 8 steps of a cyberattack decoded by Sentryo’s experts!

Broadcast since 2015, Mr. Robot is an American TV show which highlights important cybersecurity issues. The hero, a hacker named Elliot, is involved in cyberattacks against the biggest organizations in the world such as international banks. Well researched, this TV show presents a very realistic representation of hacking and its methods. Let’s focus on a particular […]

Smart Grid Tomorrow Factory

Smart grids, cyber-security and tomorrow’s factory

In its recent “Industry 4.0, the levers of transformation”, the energy industry group Gimélec highlighted the major stakes of tomorrow’s plants and identified their four pillars : competitiveness, flexibility, quality and cyber-security. Given the growth rate of digital communications ranging from remote control of terminals to production management systems, and including big data and industrial […]