Social Engineering Rachel Tobac

[Interview] Rachel Tobac, white hat hacker, guides you through social engineering

Rachel Tobac (@racheltobac) is a ‘white hat hacker’. Her role is to help companies and individuals protect their data by raising their awareness of the dangers of social engineering. She twice was a winner of the ‘DEFCON Social Engineering Capture the Flag’ and is now CEO and co-founder of ‘SocialProof Security’. Rachel accepted to share […]


ENISA: A European agency dedicated to cybersecurity

Confronted with an increasing number of cyberattacks targeting industries around the world, the European Union has decided to strengthen the powers of ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security). As such, Sentryo would like to take the opportunity to put a spotlight on the European cybersecurity agency whose main objective is to ensure […]

security of the IIoT

Security of the IIoT: a critical challenge for industries

The IIoT is an excellent way to stand out in an industry sector by enhancing operational efficiency. For companies, it increases their productivity and efficiency. It also favors autonomy, decision-making and the development of CSR thanks to precise monitoring of energy consumption which optimizes the use of resources. Finally, the IIoT is the technological means […]

Florian Stosse security engineer

‘The safety of connected vehicles will have to be based on several pillars.’

Automotive manufacturers are initiating a major breakthrough in the development of their cars. As they are increasingly connected, these cars should quickly become autonomous. How is this change affecting our societies and also the security of data and passengers ? Florian Josse, from the operational security department at Bureau Veritas, answered our questions on that […]

usine connectée automatisation nouvelles technologies

New production technology for Industry 4.0

  Today in age, the competitive strength of industries mainly relies on the ability of companies to improve the performance of their production systems and boost the flexibility and agility of said systems. This road for development mobilizes technological activities which we group under the term “advanced manufacturing”: software and technology for computing, automation, cross-referencing […]

Machine Learning general concepts

Building a naive YouTube vs Spotify classifier:
Part 2: Building the actual classifier

As mentioned in part 1 “Building a naïve YouTube vs Spotify classifier: introduction to machine learning“, here at Sentryo, network traffic is our main source of information to provide our users with an accurate depiction of their infrastructure and to alert them on a potential intrusion. Machine Learning allows us to build powerful algorithms to […]

apple banana

Building a naive YouTube vs Spotify classifier
Part 1: introduction to machine learning

Here at Sentryo, Network Security Monitoring (NSM) is our daily life. Network traffic is our main source of information to provide our users with an accurate depiction of their infrastructure and to alert them on a potential intrusion. In a complex and dynamically changing threat environment, massive amounts of data have to be processed almost […]

Infographic – What is IIoT?

The term IoT generally refers to consumer applications and devices such as with a smart watch for example. However, the Internet of Things does not stop there. It is being increasingly developed for industrial applications and there is ever more talk about the IIoT, Industrial Internet of Things, which includes a number of uses. Check […]