ICS cybersecurity

Myths of ICS cybersecurity: far from the (hard) truth

Just like any fast-growing innovative sector, the ICS cybersecurity sector largely remains a mystery to many players who are involved in it such as company leaders. Where there is mystery there are myths. In the era of all things being connected and the professionalization of cybercrime, the challenge is a daunting one for many companies. […]

IIoT and industrial network

5 steps for preparing an industrial network for the IIoT

Is your industrial network ready to reap the benefits of applications based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), like a platform for the optimization of Big Data processes or predictive maintenance, in order to improve your production and control processes? To find out, ensure that your communication infrastructures are well secured! Here are 5 […]

IT and OT

IT and OT teams: why don’t they talk to each other?

IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) represent the two worlds into which modern industry is divided. Gartner, a leading American company in the universe of advanced technology, defines them as such: “IT encompasses the entire spectrum of technologies for information processing including software, hardware, communications technologies and related services. In general, IT does not […]

BMS and cybersecurity

BMS and smart systems faced with the challenges of industrial cybersecurity

Building Management Systems (BMS) must now integrate cybersecurity into their processes. The technology used by BMS and its operators generally belong to a business unit which is linked to the business unit in charge of Industrial Control Systems (ICS). This ecosystem has recently been expanded with the appearance of smart systems (Smart Grid, Smart Cities, […]

Cybersecurity labels

A guide to cybersecurity labels

Within the context of the fourth industrial revolution and the development of Industry 4.0, the need for cybersecurity services is growing. As a result, cybersecurity service providers are offering solutions that are increasingly more customized to meet the challenges of an ‘all digital’ world.  As further enhancements are made in the cybersecurity sector, it is […]

Women's place in Cybersecurity diane rambaldini

“Opening up cybersecurity to women means first talking to key players”

Information Systems Security consultant since 7 years, Diane Rambaldini agreed to answer our questions and give us her point of view on cybersecurity sector and women’s place in it.   Can you tell us more about how you got to where you are today? I’m going to start by saying that I love auto racing! […]

Clavier cliché cinéma hackers

The world of cyberattackers and hackers as depicted in films

Zoom into the window of a high-rise apartment overlooking the typical downtown of an American city. Set against the backdrop of illuminated buildings, teeming with life and business endeavors, we are taken inside a dark yet respectable room with sparse furnishings. Two oversized desks are home to four or five glowing screens all connected by […]

industrial revolutions révolution industrielle roues mécanisation

The 4 industrial revolutions

Since Prometheus stole the fire of knowledge from right under the noses of the gods on Mount Olympus and bestowed it upon mankind, humans have not stopped fiddling with it and creating striking innovations all throughout their evolution. Over the course of history, mankind has perfected its industry by not only relying on technical evolution […]

Systèmes de contrôle industriel ICS

Why are ICS vulnerable?

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) lie at the very heart of the industrial cybersecurity issue. As a preferred target of attackers striking the industrial sector, ICS control and pilot large infrastructures in areas such as energy, defense, transportation and other large-scale structures including road networks and next-generation stadiums. The technology operating in ICS includes distributed control […]

Head of ISA France interview

Safety and Cybersecurity: “Two concerns the industrial world address”

During an important conference on safety and cybersecurity, organized by ISA-France (International Society of Automation), Sentryo met with Jean-Pierre Hauet, President of ISA-France. We discussed with him the concerns and challenges involved in standardization and automation in industry. Read our exclusive interview to find out more!   Can you tell us about ISA, its commitments […]