control room industrial cyberattacks

Best practices for enforcing the security of industrial systems

In a previous article about the specific features of industrial systems, we discussed the cybersecurity challenges related to these types of networks and the constraints in ensuring their protection. Find out about some best practices you can adopt in order to fight against industrial cyberattacks and overcome the vulnerabilities of industrial systems when it comes […]

sharing security information

Information sharing: the key to cybersecurity

Sharing security information is primordial if companies want to remain up to date with trends in cyberattacks, enrich and fine-tune their reference databases, and improve their security solutions. A more relevant risk analysis Knowing how to properly use the information available is a determining factor in securing your IT and OT networks. The data in […]

new generation industrial sabotage

Cyberthreats to industrial systems: new generation industrial sabotage

In a series of 3 articles, Sentryo will take you through an analysis of the cyberattack threats hovering over industrial systems. After the issue of confidential data theft in the first article, today in this second article find out about new generation industrial sabotage and how to protect yourself. Before going any further, read the […]

theft of confidential data

Cyberthreats to industrial systems: theft of confidential data

In a series of 3 articles Sentryo will take you through an analysis of the cyberattack threats hovering over industrial systems. From intellectual property theft to industrial sabotage, each article will describe a scenario industrial companies fear the most! Let’s start with the case of a cyberattack aimed at stealing confidential information. Before going any […]

industrial systems

What is an industrial system and how to protect it?

With the development of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud computing, industrial systems are increasingly interconnected and cyber threats are multiplying. In this article, we will discuss why industrial control systems (ICS) require a specific approach that differs from that of conventional IT networks. In upcoming articles, we will present 3 attack scenarios […]

cybersecurity flaws of maritime transport

6 flaws that expose the maritime sector to cyberattacks

The maritime sector is particularly vulnerable to threats from cyberattacks on its operational technology (OT), largely because of the recent profound digital transformation it has undergone. However, exactly how vulnerable is this sector? Let’s take a closer look at the 6 main cybersecurity flaws of maritime transport. The 6 cybersecurity flaws of maritime transport Flaw […]

French military programming law

Cybersecurity of ESPs: What obligations are imposed by the French Military Programming Law?

A surge in state cyberthreats amidst a tense geopolitical context – this is the backdrop against which many economic and industrial organizations are seen as prime targets. Among these organizations at risk are the Essential Service Providers, known in France as Operators of Vital Importance (OIV). ESPs carry out activities that are deemed essential or […]

maritime sector

Cybersecurity: the new challenge facing the maritime sector

Ships rely on information systems, especially industrial IS, to run many of their essential processes: navigation, nautical security, communication, steering, propulsion and energy production, just to name a few. Like with all other information systems, these components, whether embedded or not, can be the target of an attack that can lead to potentially dangerous consequences. […]

Cybersecurity experts 12 influencers to follow

Sentryo presents its selection of 12 influencers of cybersecurity and ICS

Take a look at the analysis of the cybersecurity sector, security of ICS and the challenges to securing industrial networks through the eyes of an insider. In order to help you see things clearly in the world of cybersecurity, Sentryo has selected for you 12 expert profiles. From an ICS specialist to a must-attend conference […]