Armis’ Research Team Discovered 11 Vulnerabilities in The Real-Time Operating System VxWorks.

Armis’ research team, Armis Labs, discovered 11 vulnerabilities in the real-time operating system VxWorks. It is used by more than 2 billion devices, including industrial but also medical equipment or in critical infrastructures. Among the PLC manufacturers using VxWorks, we find Schneider, Emerson, General Electrics or Allen-Bradley.  These vulnerabilities are called URGENT/11 They reside in […]

Turla group behind new malicious campaigns

The Turla group, also known as Waterbug or Snake, has used new tools for malicious campaigns targeting various government agencies worldwide. This group had already struck various energy-related organizations earlier. The companies ESET and Symantec both published studies a few days apart about Turla’s new techniques. These studies are in agreement on several matters, with […]

The 6 Biggest Cybersecurity Risks Facing the Utilities Industry by ABIresearch

The Era of Security by Obscurity is Over For decades, the utility industry operated in an analog world. Energy and water grids were managed offline, in air-gapped and highly siloed systems. Even as other industries began to digitize, utilities held back. This lack of interconnected infrastructure actually proved to be a benefit to the industry, […]

Cisco Announces its Intent to Acquire Sentryo

On June 6th, Cisco announced its intention to acquire Sentryo. With organizations digitizing and connecting their industrial operations, the combination of Cisco network architecture and Sentryo capabilities of giving visibility into industrial control systems will help companies deploy Industrial IoT at scale, achieve new levels of flexibility, and better protect their assets and operations. Cybersecurity […]

Muddy Water, the hacking group, threatens government targets

Muddy Water is a group that targets government organizations and telecommunications providers which are mostly located in the Middle East. This threat surfaced in late 2017. The analysis of the infection vector and the first phase of infection was largely documented in late 2017 and early 2018. On May 29, Kapersky Lab published the analysis […]

New intrusion detection methods for power stations

Power grids are very large, so it is difficult to secure each point of the network and establish a trusted relationship between each device. In order to be able to track events as they are happening, monitoring solutions are used. However, an attacker can compromise the system and send false information, which has already happened […]

Global aluminium producer victim of a massive cyber attack

Norsk Hydro hit by ransomware Norsk Hydro is a Norwegian group that is one of the leaders in the production, refining, manufacturing and recycling of aluminum products. On March 19th, Norsk Hydro’s IT infrastructure suffered a cyber attack that impacted the company’s factories around the world. In order to complete the production orders, the company […]

Sentryo’s New QRadar app Enables Integrated IT/OT SOC

IBM QRadar is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform designed to give cybersecurity experts visibility across the corporate IT environment, monitor the company’s security posture and accelerate incident response. It consolidates log, network flow and event data from all devices, endpoints and applications distributed throughout the enterprise network. Using advanced analytics and correlation […]

You Have Decided To Secure Your OT Environment. Now What?

As many other industrial corporations, you have decided to address the challenges of securing your OT network. But where and how should you start? WannaCry. NotPetya. CrashOverride. Triton. Cyber attacks don’t only target IT networks. Some are even specifically designed to disrupt industrial networks such as the attack on the Ukrainian power grid, or the […]

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Industrial cybersecurity vs. traditional cybersecurity

Industrial control systems (ICS) are often considered to be isolated systems, safeguarded from the risks of cyberattack. However, these systems are also vulnerable! This is mainly because of the development of the Industrial Internet of things (IIoT), the increasingly stronger interconnection between operational technology and IT networks, and the convergence towards traditional technology (standard network […]