Palo Alto Networks and Sentryo Secure the Industrial Internet

As industrial corporations are migrating towards Industry 4.0 technologies, their production infrastructures are increasingly exposed to cyber threats. Whether it’s a production line, a power station, an oil platform or a water, gas or electricity distribution network, automation systems are connected to IP networks. Contractors have remote accesses. Windows computers are widely used to run […]

industrial ethernet switch

Sentryo’s Security Labs reveals the vulnerabilities of an industrial ethernet switch

The Sentryo Security Labs carried out a security analysis on a client’s MOXA EDS-G512E industrial ethernet switch, interconnected to Sentryo’s ICS CyberVision solution. For two whole days, the Security Labs put the industrial ethernet switch through a series of tests (anti-intrusion evaluations and tests) in order to evaluate its degree of resistance in the event […]

An Industry 4.0 Robot at CEBIT

Underground markets provide ICS hackers a cheap arsenal

  For ICS/SCADA operators, it is vital to keep abreast of developments in the wider world of cyber-crime and security. Major tech players like Microsoft and Dell are constantly analyzing threats and producing reports to inform network managers and improve security practice. However, not every ICS/SCADA manager acts upon or is aware of such warnings. […]

How to start your ICS Cybersecurity Project ?

Discover ICS Cybervision This webinar will explain how ICS Cybervision enables an easy ICS Cybersecurity project. This project must include all required actors (IT / CISO + Industrial/Automation) and will improve prevention and detection. A live session will demonstrate attendees its features. Registration is free but mandatory. Follow this link to register. Sentryo Webinars – Calendar Timezone […]