Sentryo / Cisco

CISCO, world leader in digital transformation, IT and networks, has published a case study on how Sentryo is reinforcing cybersecurity and the visibility of industrial systems with CISCO’s solutions.

Industrial cybersecurity: many challenges to face

In industry, and more specifically in manufacturing such as automobiles, aerospace and even railway construction, networks are generally quite massive and can host hundreds of thousands of components. Guaranteeing visibility and controlling these specific environments is a major challenge. However, these industries are faced with significant cybersecurity challenges and must be able to stand up to increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats that are in constant evolution. Being able to control networks, detect attacks and react as quickly as possibly are huge challenges to take on. Nevertheless, deploying a cybersecurity solution on all parts of the network in this type of environment proves to be quite complex. Industrial companies need a quick and easy-to-implement method for collecting information from the edges of their networks (Edge Computing).

Sentryo / Cisco: a custom-made solution

It is within this context that Sentryo and Cisco have collaborated to offer a solution adapted to industrial constraints and concerns.

After various years of R&D and collaboration between Cisco and Sentryo teams, the ICS CyberVision solution can now be integrated into CISCO’s IOx environment  and more specifically into the range of IE4000 industrial switches. Result: industrial companies no longer have to deploy additional sensors because the surveillance solution is directly integrated into the switches already put in place! In addition to being practical and affordable, this flexible and secure solution is specifically adapted to the industrial sector and provides heightened security of network equipment and the industrial IoT.

Thanks to this flexible and tailored solution, Sentryo enables industrial companies to better control their networks, improve their efficiency and guarantee enhanced security of network equipment and the industrial IoT. By equipping their environments with this solution, industrial companies can rest assured that their systems will be less exposed to cybersecurity threats and the operational continuity and reliability of their networks is enhanced. To find out more, read CISCO’s case study.