Sentryo took part in the BMW Tech_Date contest, which was an unparalleled opportunity for them to present their cyber security solution dedicated to connected cars. As we know it, vehicles are increasingly connected, are packed with IoT and sensitive information systems. This is why it’s becoming essential to protect them. Nicolas Justin, the project manager responsible for connected vehicles at Sentryo, has agreed to explain the purpose of this contest and the participation of the Lyon startup.

What is the BMW Tech_Date contest?

The BMW Tech_Date contest organised by BMW France aims to pick out 3 French startups that provide an innovative response to the challenges of mobility we will be facing in the coming century.

What did Sentryo have to do for this contest in concrete terms?

Our team first submitted an application form. BMW France then selected about twenty startups among hundreds of applications received. We went over there to do a pitch before a jury of experts from the BMW Group, as well as entrepreneurs, investors and French personalities.

What is Sentryo’s project regarding connected vehicles?

Sentryo aims to embed its surveillance technology, which is being produced at the moment in sensitive industrial facilities, into the inside of tomorrow’s vehicles. And they want to do so because, just like factories, our cars, our buses and our trucks will be increasingly exposed to cyber attacks due to their being hyper connected to the outside world and to the Internet. Sentryo’s cyber security solution will make it possible to survey an entire fleet of vehicles and to detect those cyber attack attempts as soon as possible.

What is the prize awarded at the BMW Tech_Date contest?

At the end of the pitch session, the 3 laureates, including Sentryo, were invited to go to Munich. We met with the teams from BMW Startup Garage and with those managing the R&D projects at the BMW Group in order to introduce them to Sentryo’s technology and to look into a possible partnership.

What is the benefit of a partnership with a major group such as BMW?

As a premium car manufacturer, BMW is one of the most innovative groups within the automotive sector, especially in the field of onboard connectivity. Innovation and security are part of BMW’s values. Dialogue gives us the chance to conceive a cyber security solution in line with the requirements of one of the biggest car manufacturers. However, this is only a first step for Sentryo, as we are looking to develop other partnerships of this kind. We have experience of these partnerships and we have been able to prove they are profitable to us and also particularly profitable to our partners. Indeed, our partners are able to guide the design phases so as to obtain a solution that fulfills their requirements and most importantly, that will meet market needs.