Havex Malware energy sector

The Sentryo Files
Season 2 – Episode 6: Havex malware vs. the energy sector

In a previous episode of The Sentryo Files, we talked about a cyberattack on a Soviet oil pipeline at the end of the Cold War… Today find out about the massive espionage campaign waged on companies in the energy sector by the Havex malware in 2013 and 2014. Over 1000 companies in the energy sector […]

BlackPOS credit card

The Sentryo Files
Season 2 – Episode 5: BlackPOS and the massive financial data breach

After the attack on the Soviet pipeline and the contamination of drinking water… Season 2 of The Sentryo Files continues to explore the realm of cyberattacks with the massive attack waged on a major American retailer, Target. 40 million PIN numbers were stolen through unprotected remote access Between November and December 2013, Target’s POS terminals […]

connected industrial robots

Industry 4.0: Industrial robots vs. Cyberattacks

Industry 4.0 represents a major cybersecurity challenge for companies. In a study conducted by Trend Micro and the Polytechnic University of Milan, a team of researchers and students in the field of cybersecurity successfully demonstrated the vulnerability of industrial robots. This weakness is coupled with the era of artificial intelligence and the IIoT! The security […]

Triton maware

Analysis of Triton industrial malware

In this article the Sentryo Security team presents you with an analysis of a malware specially designed to cripple the security of industrial systems. Read on for an in-depth look at how the Triton industrial malware works and the measures to implement to ensure protection. Triton industrial malware: operational summary The Triton malware, also called […]

Sentryo / Cisco


CISCO, world leader in digital transformation, IT and networks, has published a case study on how Sentryo is reinforcing cybersecurity and the visibility of industrial systems with CISCO’s solutions. Industrial cybersecurity: many challenges to face In industry, and more specifically in manufacturing such as automobiles, aerospace and even railway construction, networks are generally quite massive […]

Gps spoofing of a military drone

The Sentryo Files
Season 2 – Episode 4: commandeering a stealth drone

Season 2 of the Sentryo Files strives to dig deeper into the most emblematic cyberattacks. Read on to find out about an attack targeted at diverting a stealth drone. Iran commandeers a US drone In 2011, Iranian engineers led an attack to take remote control of a US military stealth drone. Find out how the […]

control room industrial cyberattacks

Best practices for enforcing the security of industrial systems

In a previous article about the specific features of industrial systems, we discussed the cybersecurity challenges related to these types of networks and the constraints in ensuring their protection. Find out about some best practices you can adopt in order to fight against industrial cyberattacks and overcome the vulnerabilities of industrial systems when it comes […]

wastewater treatment plant

The Sentryo Files
Season 2 – Episode 1: breach of a wastewater treatment plant

The Sentryo Files are back for a second season! We would like to take a look back at an emblematic cyberattack in the environmental field. Read our account of the attack on a wastewater treatment plant. Remote breach of a wastewater treatment plant in Australia In 2000 a former employee of the IT company that […]