Are Insiders a threat for ICS ?

  When we talk about cyber-threats to Industrial Control Systems, the first thing that springs to mind is usually attacks from outside of the organization. The conventional view of cyber-attacks is that they originate from criminals, terrorists or mischievous hackers who are acting remotely, and want to bring down the system from the outside. However, […]

An Industry 4.0 Robot at CEBIT

Underground markets provide ICS hackers a cheap arsenal

  For ICS/SCADA operators, it is vital to keep abreast of developments in the wider world of cyber-crime and security. Major tech players like Microsoft and Dell are constantly analyzing threats and producing reports to inform network managers and improve security practice. However, not every ICS/SCADA manager acts upon or is aware of such warnings. […]

How to start your ICS Cybersecurity Project ?

Discover ICS Cybervision This webinar will explain how ICS Cybervision enables an easy ICS Cybersecurity project. This project must include all required actors (IT / CISO + Industrial/Automation) and will improve prevention and detection. A live session will demonstrate attendees its features. Registration is free but mandatory. Follow this link to register. Sentryo Webinars – Calendar Timezone […]

Is Car Hacking a Wild West for hackers ?

As the Internet of Things is expanding, new frontiers are opening up for enterprising hackers. As the spectrum of connected devices expands, hackers will soon have access to everything from thermostats and home lighting systems to garage doors. Experts tend to agree that car hacking is one of the most serious vulnerabilities of this new […]

The rise of the Darknet poses new risks to SCADA/ICS systems

On the face of it, the Internet seems like a simple, safe place to browse. But beneath the surface lies an increasingly chaotic, dangerous layer of discussion forums and file sharing services – the so-called “dark web” or Darknet. This is a collection of forums and other sites which require specialist tools to access them […]

Prix de l'Innovation

Innovation Prize 2015 – Assises de la Sécurité

The Sentryo team is proud to have been awarded the 2015 Innovation Prize of the Assises de la Sécurité. The jury was made of security professionals and security officers. We also have been awarded the Public Prize, after a vote of 200 cybersecurity community members during the annual event of the Cybersecurity Cercle last June 25th.Sentryo ICS […]

Internet of Things

The future of ICS

We are currently seeing huge changes in the architecture of Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Most notably, the “Internet of Things” is on the march, offering the capability to control devices precisely via ordinary web connections. It is only a matter of time before such devices become routinely connected to ICS systems, but with this connectivity […]

Assessing the Threat Level Posed By Iranian Cyberattacks

In April 2015, the New York Times reported that Iranian cyberattacks have been increasing in recent times. For example, last April, Turkey’s national power grid was disabled for 12 hours, causing a major blackout for 40 million people. Some cybersecurity experts have detected 900 attacks every day coming from Iranian IP addresses. These potentially frightening […]

Securing an ICS network against the threat of cyber-attack

Cyber-security should be a central focus for any ICS network manager. With the rapid development of the “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT), more and more devices are becoming connected to the wider internet. In the past, ICS components such as sensors and motors might have been completely isolated. Threats still existed, however. Systems might fail […]

ICS Architecture: Everything you must know

ICS systems are generally conceptualized on several different levels – from enterprise through to factory or processes, control and then field. These levels represent a functional hierarchy of different parts of critical infrastructure, be that in an industrial operation, a power plant or a public facility.