The rise of the Darknet poses new risks to SCADA/ICS systems

On the face of it, the Internet seems like a simple, safe place to browse. But beneath the surface lies an increasingly chaotic, dangerous layer of discussion forums and file sharing services – the so-called “dark web” or Darknet. This is a collection of forums and other sites which require specialist tools to access them […]

Prix de l'Innovation

Innovation Prize 2015 – Assises de la Sécurité

The Sentryo team is proud to have been awarded the 2015 Innovation Prize of the Assises de la Sécurité. The jury was made of security professionals and security officers. We also have been awarded the Public Prize, after a vote of 200 cybersecurity community members during the annual event of the Cybersecurity Cercle last June 25th.Sentryo ICS […]

Internet of Things

The future of ICS

We are currently seeing huge changes in the architecture of Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Most notably, the “Internet of Things” is on the march, offering the capability to control devices precisely via ordinary web connections. It is only a matter of time before such devices become routinely connected to ICS systems, but with this connectivity […]

Assessing the Threat Level Posed By Iranian Cyberattacks

In April 2015, the New York Times reported that Iranian cyberattacks have been increasing in recent times. For example, last April, Turkey’s national power grid was disabled for 12 hours, causing a major blackout for 40 million people. Some cybersecurity experts have detected 900 attacks every day coming from Iranian IP addresses. These potentially frightening […]

Securing an ICS network against the threat of cyber-attack

Cyber-security should be a central focus for any ICS network manager. With the rapid development of the “Industrial Internet of Things” (IIoT), more and more devices are becoming connected to the wider internet. In the past, ICS components such as sensors and motors might have been completely isolated. Threats still existed, however. Systems might fail […]

ICS Architecture: Everything you must know

ICS systems are generally conceptualized on several different levels – from enterprise through to factory or processes, control and then field. These levels represent a functional hierarchy of different parts of critical infrastructure, be that in an industrial operation, a power plant or a public facility.

Conference report: Sentryo at CeBIT 2015

CeBIT is the world’s largest computer show, held every year in Hannover, Germany. This year’s edition was focused on the digitization of our economy and global society, under the moniker “d!conomy”. I was invited to CeBIT by EIT ICT Labs, our European startup accelerator.

ARC Forum and the Art of Starting an ICS cybersecurity project

Sentryo is a fast growing startup, and we are always happy to participate in a business conference and start a conversation with European industrial assets owners.

In early March, I was honoured to receive an invitation from ARC (Automation Research Consulting).

Privacy Security and Trust Kick-off event in Milan

In November 2014, Sentryo won the 3rd prize of the Idea Challenge of IET ICT Labs, amongst of 230 european startups, we now are in the spotlight of all the members of this European Knowledge and Innovation Community. So the February 12th, we were invited to the Kickoff event for the 2015 edition in Milan […]