A pioneer of Industrial Internet cybersecurity

Sentryo enables organizations to ensure the availability, resilience and safety of their industrial systems while fighting against cyberattacks. To respond to cyber threats and the specific needs of industry, Sentryo has developed ICS CyberVision, a unique and innovative network monitoring solution that provides visibility, integrity and security for industrial control systems.

Today, Sentryo offers a mature and powerful monitoring and detection solution that enables industrial infrastructures to control the integrity of their systems in order to take advantage of the digital transformation while controlling the risks. ICS CyberVision is successfully deployed in the energy, manufacturing and transportation sectors in France and abroad.

The company, headquartered in Lyon, has a global presence with offices and a network of partners all over the world.


Sentryo is led by Thierry Rouquet and Laurent Hausermann, two passionate entrepreneurs and veterans of cybersecurity who share a vision and a strong commitment to innovation. Together they bring decades of experience in the world of software, hacking and cybersecurity and are applying their expertise to the world of industrial cybersecurity.

Thierry ROUQUET Co-founder and CEO

Thierry was the CEO of Arkoon Network Security, a network security and endpoint protection solution provider and one of the leader in cybersecurity solutions. Traded on the Paris Alternext market, Arkoon was then acquired by the Defense & Security division of Airbus. Co-founder and CEO of Sentryo, Thierry is aslo the president of the cybersecurity board of the French software vendor association (AFDEL), member of the French cyber defense reserve and a partner in Axeleo a startup accelerator.

Laurent HAUSERMANNCo-founder and COO

Passionate about software, hacking and innovation, Laurent spent the last 15 years creating cybersecurity products to defend large and small organizations. He was the CTO of Arkoon, leading a large and agile team around ambitious and innovative R&D programs. Laurent was also Chief Information Security Officer and led several classified projects. Teacher at a prestigous university-level college, he is also the author of the “Innovation Routes” blog and an enthusiastic supporter of the Lean Startup philosophy.


Sentryo is made up of an interdisciplinary team of talented people in cybersecurity, software development, data science, UX, design, sales and marketing who are investing their energy and know-how to lead the way in industrial cybersecurity.

Our management team consists of cybersecurity veterans, our R&D experts have a world-class reputation in DPI and our Security Team has a thorough understanding of IT security, OT protocols and industrial control systems.

On these solid foundations, Sentryo develops advanced technologies to offer an increasingly innovative solution and to take on the cybersecurity challenges of industrial organizations.


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