About us

We started our craft before it was called Cybersecurity


Thierry Rouquet

Co Founder & CEO

Thierry is a serial entrepreneur. During the last 20 years, he founded several startups and led many others. Most recently, he was the CEO of Arkoon Network Security, a network security and endpoint protection solution provider. Under his leadership, Arkoon became a CyberSecurity software leader. The company went public on the Paris Alternext market and was recently acquired by the Defense & Security division of Airbus.

Thierry is the president of the cybersecurity board of the French software vendor association (AFDEL). He is a member of the French cyber defense reserve and a partner in Axeleo a startup accelerator.


Laurent Hausermann

Co Founder & COO

Laurent is passionate about software, hacking and innovation. He spent the last 15 years creating cybersecurity products to defend large and small organizations. He was the CTO of Arkoon, leading a large and agile team around ambitious and innovative R&D programs.

Laurent served as Chief Information Security Officer and led several classified projects. He teaches at a prestigous university-level college. He is the author of the “Innovation Routes” blog and an enthusiastic supporter of the Lean Startup philosophy.