Cybersecurity for the Industrial Internet

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  • January 4th, 2017 5PM (CEST) / 11PM (EST)

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Starting your cybersecurity ICS project with Sentryo


Sentryo bridges the gap between IT and OT

Sentryo ICS CyberVision delivers an operational security capacity to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks targeting the Industrial Internet. It enables collaboration between Operational Technology and IT staffs over a simple and intuitive tool designed for non-cybersecurity experts.


Enable Control Engineers to understand their detailed situation, their current risk exposure and permit them to reduce the attack surface.

Provide reports to Security Officers to measure progress and help them comply with existing and upcoming regulations


Cybersecurity Experts at Secure Operation Centers monitor all significant events and detect any abnormal behaviors or anomalies which are not part of the baseline.

Facilitate the Incident Responder’s job by providing all the needed forensics data.


Cybersecurity Experts, Control Engineers, Security Officers are not yet working in a synchronous way.. These mistrusts are the weakest link of ICS cybersecurity.

Sentryo offers a common language and a collaboration solution centered on risk management.

ICS are piloting critical processes in various industries

Sentryo addresses most industrial sectors. Sentryo focuses on critical infrastructures exposed to cyber-threats and often directly affected by new regulations.



The energy sector is vital for our modern societies. We depend on electricity, oil or gas. Power plant, energy grids and distribution systems are fully relying on sophisticated digital command and control networks.

They are becoming “smart energy networks”.



Whenever considering transportation units (planes, cars, ships, trains, etc.) or the infrastructure (ports, airports, stations or highways), the Industrial Internet is already automating every single aspect of their operations including the safety of their users.


Critical Manufacturing

High quality and micro meter scale are the common case for Aerospace, Defense or Drug corporations. They work with a lot of subcontractors and require multiple networks and external subsystems connections.

They all rely on SCADA software to pilot their industrial processes.


Process Industries

Whenever extracting crude oil or natural gas or refining chemicals, processing industries are dealing with safety and environmental concerns. Large Distributed Control Systems are piloting these continuous processes.


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